5 reasons you need a new CRM system

01 Sep 2021
5 reasons you need a new CRM system

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is one of the fastest-growing markets today. By the year 2025, the CRM industry revenue is expected to reach $80 billion. Most businesses make a considerable investment in deploying a CRM system to achieve their business goals faster and smoother. And most of the time, they make the best out of it. However, there are a handful of business owners that seem to have been struggling to get the desired outcomes with their CRMs.

Customer Relationship Management

Today, when more and more companies adopting the work-from-home model and with their employees working from remote corners of the world, the need to get a CRM to keep your business operations running seamlessly is higher than ever. A lot of medium to small-sized businesses that did not adopt the cloud-based CRM solutions to sort out their operations and data are struggling to get things in order. And then there are a few who stuck with outdated CRMs and are now facing serious issues with employee and data management. So, if you are one of such business owners and are facing any of the undermentioned issues with your CRM system, it’s time to get an upgrade.

Here are 5 signs your business should move to a new CRM system.

1. Your CRM isn’t mobile-friendly

With remote working culture becoming mainstream, it’s super important that your employees have access to your CRM at all hours. Collecting and entering the data required to carry out your business operations without a bump is a pre-requisite for any business. Moreover, with the majority of businesses going online and customers being more woke than ever , addressing their concerns and queries in real-time is a top-most priority for any business. A CRM that doesn’t work on the latest mobile devices is definitely not a good sign. To get the best and tech-advanced cloud CRM, you can try Microsoft Dynamics 365.

2. Your CRM doesn’t integrate with new software systems

One of the biggest issues businesses face while working on CRM systems is the compatibility with new software launches. If your CRM doesn’t integrate with other sales, marketing, or finance systems, it’s time to speak to your CRM service provider. When CRMs don’t integrate with other systems, it causes a lag with manual data entry, slow system speed, and other data quality issues. You can switch to Dynamics 365 CRM services to get a tailor-made CRM solution that works best for your business and seamlessly integrate with other systems.

3. Interdepartmental work is in a mess within Your CRM

There are a number of CRMs out there that work perfectly for the sales but are super slow when it comes to business analysis. If your CRM works wonders for one department, but the other department continues to face struggles while using it, it’s a clear sign that you need to move on. Life is all about moving on, after all! Get in touch with a cloud-based solution provider that offers Microsoft CRM services to get the best value for your money.

4. Your employees feel using the CRM is an issue

As a business owner to get the best output from your employees, it’s important to provide them the best tools available. If your employees are failing continuously to understand the intricacies of your CRM and prefer going back to conventional methods to get their job done, you need to get a newer CRM. A CRM that’s hard to navigate through or use is not helping you achieve your business goals. Try making friends with Dynamics 365 CRM services and you are in for a jackpot.

5. Your CRM system runs slow

Over the years, businesses have realized that time is one currency they all have a dearth of. Especially in this age and era, when customers are able to reach out to in the public view 24X7, you simply cannot afford running with a CRM system that lags or has bugs every now and then. You need a CRM system that’s full-proof, doesn’t slow down and is able to process and deliver within real-time. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM takes an edge.

Any business needs a strategic vision to accelerate on the path to achieve its ultimate goals- revenue and customer satisfaction. Having access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM service provider will help you in finding solutions and accelerators suited to meet your specific business needs. You can reach out to Alphavima to get expert guidance that will take your business to newer heights with consistent and measurable improvements in key business processes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]