Chalking out a cloud strategy?

11 Sep 2020
Chalking out a cloud strategy

Most organizations today feel the need to migrating to the cloud, but as per Gartner’s estimates that only one third of organizes have adopted a cloud strategy. Executives often struggles about why, when and how to migrate their systems to cloud. The most common and complex questions that arise are

  • Is migrating to cloud necessary?
  • Should all the systems be moved to the cloud or only some should be moved?
  • Should we have a hybrid approach?
  • If using a hybrid approach, which systems should be migrated, and which should stay?
  • How do we ensure the security and performance after migration?

The first step in implementing a cloud strategy is to change how you view cloud technology. If you see cloud as another way to store your data, well it goes beyond that, as it offers safer, cheaper and faster ways to develop new products to scale your business.

Cloud Migration for Your Organization

Migrating to cloud has several benefits – easy management, overall lower cost of ownership and increased efficiency. Every organization has its own requirements and these need to be considered in the strategy development.

Time- to-Market:

You can reduce the time to get your products or services to the market by designing, building and testing them using the cloud. The cloud provides you with the computing power where and when you need it.

Spend More In Developing Strategy and Less In Dealing With Problems:

It is important to develop a cloud strategy in terms of business metrics that articulates the aspects that take care of planning and strategy execution. It helps your teams reach their goals by increasing team productivity, integrated systems, increased security and by not spending a lot of time troubleshooting.

Enhanced IT Security & Margins

Your organization can enhance the IT security without utilizing a lot of capital required or the on-site IT. You can save money on purchasing, securing and maintaining on-premise systems. Once your team has decided to Migrate to cloud, you need to make sure that your strategy deals with all the issues related to the organization’s processes.

Prepare A Cloud Strategy:

Always begin with the end state you want to achieve in the future. It is necessary that the end state is articulated in terms of business metrics and not just in terms of an ideal cloud-based mix.

Prepare a Portfolio:

Once the strategy is developed, you need to map your portfolio according to the security and business needs. An analysis can be done on which applications should be moved and which shouldn’t be moved to the cloud. This will help keep the applications in context with the cloud strategy and help in the migrating decisions.

Prepare A Roadmap:

Once you have the list of applications that are to be moved to the cloud, prepare a sequence in which they should be migrated and how they would be managed. This preparation would provide a way to reduce the uncertainty and complexity while migrating to the cloud. Once the migration is successfully implemented, your organization can achieve better operating efficiency, increased competitive advantage and scale up your business.