How can data engineering services transform your business?

19 Sep 2022

Big data is changing the way we do business and creating a need for data engineering services that can collect and manage large quantities of data.

Data engineering is the practice of designing and building systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data at scale.

It is a broad field with applications in just about every industry.

Organizations can collect massive amounts of data, and they need the right people and technology to ensure the data is in a highly usable state by the time it reaches the data scientists and analysts. That’s where data engineering services come in

An unsettling truth…

According to SnapLogic, organizations are losing $140 billion each year in wasted time and resources, duplication of effort, and missed opportunities as a result of disconnected data.

According to this study, “The negative impact is more than just financial.” The study, conducted by independent research firm Vanson Bourne, also found that “nearly half of respondents (47%) believe disconnected data is negatively impacting their organization’s ability to innovate, develop new products and services and get them to market quickly. In addition, their ability to engage, support, and meet the needs of customers (46%) is also negatively impacted.”

Aging technology is only compounding this problem. The same study found that organizations are struggling to unite their disparate systems. “For more than four-in-ten (41%), critical company data is trapped in legacy systems that cannot be accessed or linked to cloud services. Seventy-six (76%) percent of respondents have at least some data trapped in this way.”

Meanwhile, highly automated companies are six (6) times more likely to see revenue growth of upwards of 15%...

How data engineering services can help accelerate business growth?

With robust data engineering services in hand, companies can accelerate the delivery of services to clients while enhancing their quality. By leveraging useable data to improve efficiency, businesses can gain flexibility and scalability, which in turn, facilitates insights. This enhancement of business operations passes benefits back to the customer, as products and services become more intuitive and “user friendly”. Equally, the company enjoys greater productivity and savings. It’s a win-win scenario.

Here are just a few of the advantages of leveraging data engineering services for business growth:

Identify new business opportunities

Machine learning is one of the most powerful aspects of data science engineering. Machine-learning algorithms allow you to forecast the future and predict behavioral changes in the market based on historical data. This allows businesses to always stay ahead of the curve.

Accelerates decision-making

We all know that knowledge is power. Methods, like insight data engineering, allow the managers of an organization to gain in-depth knowledge about their customer base. It helps to identify the types of customers or products and allows for more target-oriented marketing.

Verifies decision-making

No process is complete without introspection. Data engineering is subjected to consistent self-improvement with help of data analytics engineers. This is why every decision is analyzed with this technology to make new data-driven decisions.

Why your business needs data engineering services?

Your data footprint will only get larger. So why not invest now into a solid infrastructure that rests upon well-defined data engineering processes? Our consulting and development services are designed to help you consistently deliver actionable insights at scale, beat big data miseries, create data pipelines, and much more.

In order to make your business thrive, you need data engineering services:

  • To manage huge volumes of data sitting in disparate and/or legacy systems
  • To safeguard data analysis stemming from unreliable data sets
  • To resolve the lack of structured data affecting innovation and business growth
  • To effectively build and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems that depend on data sets
  • To leverage predictive analytics depending on reliable ML and AI solutions
  • Data governance issues

For more information on how your business can leverage data engineering services, reach out to our team today!