Accelerate business growth with no-code software development

17 Apr 2021
Accelerate business growth with no-code software development

As we move into the world of digital transformation, there are strong needs for new apps to be built for better adaption of changes. For most organizations, the complexity and priorities of the technology environment and the inability to swiftly implement necessary changes are major roadblocks.

The no-code solution democratizes software development and empowers the superuser and developers to rapidly build applications, thereby shortening the time to market.

What Is a No-Code Solution?

No- Code Solution enables users to create an app without the need for manual programming – it focuses on point and click vs writing lines of codes to build feature-rich applications. With such a solution, power users can build applications to solve critical business problems and automate tasks to increase productivity.

The benefit of using a no-code solution are listed below

Reduce the load on IT

There are always conflicting priorities between immediate business needs and long term IT goals. The no-code solution enables power users to build business applications, taking the load off the IT team’s shoulders. This in turn shortens the time needed to market the app. It further allows the IT department to work on business-critical apps and projects.

Accelerate time to market

No-code solutions enable business users to take some application development into their own hands; they don’t have to wait for their requests to be answered by the IT department.

Using a simpler no-code approach, developing applications gets faster with multiple cloud offerings around it (example Power platform from Azure). It takes away the IT complexity of deployment and code promotion.

More targeted outcome

The low-code/no-code approach empowers business users to build applications quickly to meet their business requirements more accurately. Also, they have full flexibility to change or update applications on the fly – keeping them competitive and agile.

To meet the challenges of a fast-changing business ecosystem and remain competitive in the market, there is a need to be more agile and flexible with customer-facing and internal workflows. The no-code solution allows businesses to transform and innovate faster, which opens the door for new opportunities and advantages over the competition.