When it comes to technology, keeping legacy systems up and running is one of the primary costs for businesses. Patches and ad hoc upgrades have made IT architectures complex, costly and inflexible. This causes tension between business executives and IT departments, where innovation is key.

What is IT Architecture?

In simple terms, IT architecture is the overall design of a business or organization’s information systems. It is the blueprint for how many disparate systems link together to support the enterprises’ business processes. Here is a more detailed definition of technology architecture .

Can a troublesome architecture with disconnected systems be fixed? What are the benefits business leaders can expect from a good IT architecture?

Aligning business with technology

Getting a long-term view of where the business is to be driven is a critical piece of information here. An IT architecture based upon the company’s vision is what gives a strategic alignment between business and technology.

More resources and budget for innovation

When IT budgets are compromised on maintaining legacy operations, innovation is at the fringe. An optimized IT architecture enables positive change and transformation, making more room for innovation.

Lowers risks

With standardization, troubleshooting is minimized. By removing redundant data and applications, you can also lower security risks.

Standardization and flexibility

Silo-based thinking and systems is the pathway to redundancy. An effective IT architecture brings with it a greater level of standardization, allowing businesses to operate consistently. Furthermore, modifications made to one system will not bring down the entire IT system, giving flexibility to run different business functions smoothly.

Increased productivity with business and IT leader partnership

The pressures of a legacy architecture cause rifts between business leaders and the IT department that supports them. With an optimized enterprise architecture, both the parties are able to forge better working relationships, resulting in increased productivity.
In a post-pandemic world, businesses must re-think how to provide sustainable digital experiences.
Aligning enterprise architecture and embracing agile business practices is the key to success.

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