Today, businesses of all sizes and across industries know the importance of data. Without data, and the information it represents, there can be no transformational growth to propel your business ahead of your competitors. Although the importance of data and business analytics is commonly known, strategies must be precise to be actionable. What you need is a precise data strategy that will allow you to measure your business’s performance.

You may have elaborate data analytics dashboards, or perhaps your team creates a custom analytics report by pulling in data from excel spreadsheets maintained by sales, finance, or other teams in your organization. However, there is a flaw and a missed opportunity for your business in this approach — disconnected data causes data inaccuracies. And data inaccuracies result in bad business decisions! Data quality is one problem. Others include lack of availability of data to employees resulting in spending more time on non-value-added tasks (Source: Gartner). That hurts your productivity.

And then, there is data governance. In simple terms, data governance is a framework defining roles, responsibilities, and processes for ensuring accountability for and ownership of data assets across the enterprise. Here’s a blog on what data governance means to big and small businesses.

All this may seem overwhelming, and here’s where we come in. We can help you design and deploy a data strategy and business analytics solution that delivers value to your business.

Why partner with us for business analytics?

With our expertise in Microsoft Data Analytics, we can help you to drive success in your journey with data and business analytics for the present and future. We provide accurate, real-time data with easy access to automate and optimize to steer your business forward.

Built on Microsoft’s robust technologies, we take care of all of the above intricacies around data quality, data governance, and business analytics.

We guide you to find answers to critical aspects of your business operations:

  • How can we deliver on our value propositions?
  • Is there a way to build new value propositions for our customers?
  • How can data, and the insights it provides, reduce your business’s operational costs and time expenditure?
  • What does success with data look like for our organization?
  • Where is data governance most critical in our enterprise?
  • What is the opportunity cost for inaccurate data or sub-optimal business decisions?
  • Who should be involved in the business analytics and strategy formulation?

Our Approach To Harnessing Data So You Can Unearth New Growth Opportunities


We begin with a diagnostic process, in which your needs and requirements are articulated. This diagnostic starts during the sales process and ends with an accepted proposal. The purpose of this investigative phase is to map your business processes, define the scope of your solutions, and create your implementation plan.


Then our professional team begins the research process — deep site analysis. We strive to combine all your needs with our technical skills to develop a comprehensive plan. We analyze your business application, integration, data migration, workflow configuration, and infrastructure requirements. We evaluate your existing systems to identify any gaps, before designing your implementation plan in detail.


We begin the design process with well-thought-out strategic planning. We outline the specific customization needed to satisfy any identified gaps while maintaining all standard functionalities. After all system solutions have been mapped out and approved, we begin development.


Our expert team will build and test all approved system components. We complete all code customization, integrations and interfaces, and data migration. This process includes diverse approvals, tests, reviews, and close communication.


Immediately after we “Go Live”, our consulting team will provide you with additional support. If any unexpected issues are present, we’ll resolve them as quickly as possible.


Immediately after we “Go Live”, our consulting team will provide you with additional support. If any unexpected issues are present, we’ll resolve them as quickly as possible.

A Range Of Data Analytics Platforms To Improve Your Business Productivity

We work with leading Microsoft Data Analytics tools to ensure the right data is utilized to determine where things are falling through, the cracks, and where new ideas or opportunities could be tested and implemented.

Power BI
Data Factory
Data Warehouse
Azure Data Lake

& More

Our Services

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our technologies are built on Microsoft’s robust technology, which places the highest standards on security, privacy, compliance, transparency, ethics, and reliability.

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